30.06.2017, 20.30u: WANG, YING-CHIEH 王瀅絜 二胡綺想 & ADILIA YIP: Erhu (Traditional Chinese Instrument) feat. Marimba

王瀅絜 WANG Ying-chieh

Wang Ying-chieh is a Taiwanese erhu artist born in Taipei . She is the leader of a performance group called “Yunshuyachi” and a music instructor at the University of Taipei, National Taiwan University of Arts, and Chinese Culture University. She previously served as principle erhuplayer at Taipei Chinese Orchestra.




Wang is trained in both western classical music and Chinese traditional music, having learned piano, violin and composition. She took up erhuat the age of 8. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate degree at Chinese Culture University, studying under the tutelage of Lin Yum-ting and becoming the first person in Taiwan to hold a Master’s degree in erhu.

In recent years, Wang has focused on working with professionals from different art disciplines, co-creating erhu concerts that contain thematic and crossover elements. She has also been invited to perform as an erhu soloist by Germany’s Regensburg Philharmonic Orchestra, France’s Musique d’aujourd’hui en scène and CNSMD-Lyon, and Wale’s Bangor INTER/actions.

She has also been a guest artist at the Taipei Traditional Arts Festival, Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival, Shanghai China International Arts Festival, and Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. The Heidelberg performance was supported by the Ministry of Culture’s “Spotlight Taiwan” initiative.

In 2016, Wang was featured in several Taiwan-Hong Kong cultural exchanges, including the 5th Hong Kong Week in Taiwan and the 45th Hong Kong Arts Festival, in which she collaborated with Hong Kong Sinfonietta in performing the world debut of erhu concerto Ethereal is the Mooncomposed by Chan Hing-yan.

She will also be engaging in a series of international events in 2017, including the performance of a commissioned series for Tout Pour la Musique Contemporaine in Paris. The commissioned series will have its world premiere at the 2017 Taiwan International Music Festival, and is scheduled for a concert tour of Europe.

Wang is also part of the lineup for the 2017 PAN Project organized by the Hopkins Center for the Arts to introduce traditional East Asian music to North America. She will join American, Japanese, and Korean composers and musicians to improvise music spanning boundaries of culture, tonality, and history through campus workshops, album production, and concert tours.

Moreover, with the support of Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, she will serve a six-month residency at Cité Internationale des Arts – Paris to focus on musical creation and performance in 2017.



2016下半年至2017年有更為頻繁的國際活動:在亞洲,於第五屆香港週以及第45屆香港國際藝術節中亮相,與香港小交響樂團合作首演胡琴協奏曲《月魄》;歐洲的活動將以巴黎為中心,與臺、德、法作曲家、演奏家合作一系列胡琴新作品的委創展演,於2017臺灣國際音樂節首演,2017下半年於歐洲巡迴演出,此計畫由巴黎TPMC與臺灣音樂館共同支持;在美國及加拿大,參與以東亞民族樂器為主體的PAN Project 跨國計劃,成員包括來自臺、美、日、韓的音樂家、作曲家及音樂學者,此計畫將進行一系列工作坊、錄音及音樂會等活動,從傳統戲曲及儀式中汲取跨文化音樂元素,融合當代創作與即興,期許透過跨文化的探討與合作,體現當代民族器樂的本質與風貌。


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