Vrijdag 22.07 tot 07.08, Marijs Boulogne & Fadoma Osmane: Crotchet.Works

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Exposition of a growing collection of crocheted genders/nervous systems, explanation of our different sensors in the skin to feel the world, the pelvic nerves and the external nerve endings as the basis of our limbic signal of the spontaneous expression of emotions.

This lecture will be about the different sensory motivators in the skin, how to activate the body’s own autonomous nervous system and enable the ‘limbic system’.

It got recently discovered that we have an amazing organ, part of our autonomous nervous system, with a specific creativity function, which we call ‘the limbic system’.
It’s basically generating a signal to produce emotions and words to speak with, coming from your pelvic nerves, and from all what the old anatomy books described as the connective tissue, deep inside your hips.
This limbic signal is responsible for our musicality, language, words, and any spontaneous expression of the face, voice or hands.
When you activate this system in a good and decent way, it thinks before you, but when you get badly attacked, in a violent coercion, or war torture, it shuts down in complex ways, with catastrophic effects on any further spontaneous expression of emotions.

Women artists can share their life mysteries, through colors and textures, sounds and dancing, by staying silent. It’s just too simple: Women can be big, (un)recognized artists, not knowing how to say what they are.

The question ‘Who are you’ only seems to be thoroughly answered by the cis gendered male, not entirely disconnected from the fact that his pelvic nerves were never disturbed, and he also never had to give birth with them.

But for the wide spectrum of artists from self-assigned genders, and especially for those, who had their pelvic nerves destroyed or partially destroyed, or cruelly altered like in genital mutilation, this ‘Who are you and what do you feel’ question, is of course the challenge and a confrontation to answer on itself.

This lecture wants to connect the different sports of the ladder of consciousness, and finally leave it to the command of the autonomous nervous system.


Big Smile / Healing the Nervous System is the continuation of Marijs’s previous work Workplace of the Orgasm (W.o.t.O.)



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